The All New Literature Component 2010

So yeah, next year we'll be using the new set of poems, short stories and also one drama for the lower secondary and upper secondary students.

Here's the list (if you haven't already known):

And for your information, apart from the text KPM provides schools with, there are also other books which are already available which can help you with understanding the text.

I've only found one book for the lower secondary literature component which is:
Tan, C., Rahmah, H. S. & Latiff, R. (2010).  Literature component: Poems, short stories and drama for Form 1 to Form 3.  Bangi: Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn. Bhd.   
(Price W.M.: RM6.65, E.M.:RM6.95)
Pro: - has good illustrations
       - love the section introducing the authors of the literary texts
       - the exercises are ample and interesting
       - has small sections that explains meaning of difficult words in English
       - the 'Did You Know' section!! Which talks about authors' background or about the text
       - explanations on the texts are in graphic organisers which makes it quite clear 
Con: I think the book is already good enough but I think it could be better by adding questions that can be used for discussions and maybe teaching suggestions.

Here are two books i found for the upper secondary:
Chean, S. E. & Latiff, R.  (2010).  Literature component: Poems, short stories and drama for Form 4 and Form 5Bangi: Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn. Bhd.
- its content layout is mostly the same as the lower secondary book but they added a section that allows students to answer structure questions which I think is great.  But I think there should be more section to help students practice their writing because most of the time, that's what students are weak at.

Chuah, C. H.  (2010).  Poems, short stories and drama (Form 4 and Form 5).  Shah Alam: Marshal Cavendish (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
(Price W.M.: RM5.50, E.M.: RM5.95)
Pro: - the small size of the book ^_^
        - poems are included in the book (don't have to bring so many books...hehe)
        - themes of each text are explained quite clearly
        - love the illustrations for the short stories and drama
Con: - very little amount of exercise
         - I'm not a fan of translated definitions



Anonymous said...

Are the Dramas used an a written test? I have seen a book where there are "Drama questions" set similar to those for Short Stories...WEIRD!!!!

SarahDin said...

Hi Anon,
thanx for your comment..

Erm, yeah...that does sound weird...

but fyi, whatever is in the lit component will b assessed just like the previous lit component...but next year it wont be part of the PMR and SPM assessment because the new literature component will only be taught to the Form1 & Form4, the Form2, 3 and 5 students will still use the previous lit component...

However, I'm not too sure how the format of the assessment will b...havent got any information about that as of yet...sorry.

Anonymous said...

hi,thanx for the information. guess have to wait in order to find more quality books.

SarahDin said...

Yeah, i guess we all have to wait...i did try to ask around...but seems like the information is confidential as of yet...maybe we'll get more information as the year progresses...and hopefully there'll be more books for us to use as guide....

All the best to u n thanx for stopping by...

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