The Case of Nur Izzati from Convent Tarcisian Ipoh

Well, this case is actually nothing new...but seems like peoples' responses to the news made me want to include this in my blog.  Truth is, I'm quite saddened by the issue.

For those who might not have read about it, you can read the main news here: 
Utusan (20/11/09): Izzati gembira disalut kesedihan

and some reader responses here:

Utusan (27/11/09): Yuran sekolah wajib dibayar walau secara ansuran
Debate : Nur Izzati: Antara hutang RM57 dan SBP 

Here is the response my the Malaysian Ministry of Education: 
Utusan Malaysia bertarikh 27 November 2009 – NUR IZATTI: ANTARA HUTANG RM57 DAN SBP 

Basically, the problem with Izzati is that she came from a poor family and they have difficulty paying the school fees.  This has caused the school to keep Izzati's examination result slip until the fees have been payed.

If you ask me who is to blame in this issue, I won't be able to state anyone.  I think, as always, there are ways to help a child who is in school.  However, for some people to blame it all on the school, I believe that to be a bit too much.  I have handled school fees before and I have met many of my students who have difficulty in paying the school fees.  I understand the problem but so far, their parents have managed to come to school and explain their problem and pay little by little.  If they need help, they ask for it.

I also have a very dear friend who was in MRSM with me (and no, we had no political or connection with anyone 'up there'), whose father works at a factory, sells palm oil that he picks himself over the weekend.  And for your information, my friend's mother doesn't work at has 8 children.  My friend is now studying in Germany and InsyaAllah, on the way to becoming an engineer.  

I also have several poor students when I was teaching in Bangsar who had to help sell things in the pasar malam to get money because their family can't get enough money for the whole family.

So yes, where there is a will, there is way.  What we should be doing is finding a way to help these poor students.  If you think you're too busy to help out, don't complain, learn from it.  Nobody's perfect, and unfortunately for all of us, there are very unresponsible and corrupted people 'up there'.  And as we all know, the state of the country's economy isn't well and we all need to work on some ways to overcome this, together.  Yes, it is easier said than done.  But if you have time to complain (not saying I never complain, but I do try to avoid it), you should have time to think of a way.

I think any school who may have such problems could have a fund where anyone can contribute to, not just teachers.  If you make an exception for one child, the others will ask for it too.  And I dare say, our Izzati here is not the only unfortunate child in Malaysia.  And she is not the only child in Malaysia who received 5A's in the UPSR exam nor is she the only child who did not get a chance to go to SBP.  There are other children who do need our help so, rather than making such general statements about how horrible everything is, we could help make things better.  To start off, at least join the school's PIBG meeting and get to know what's happening in schools.  I've been to over 3 schools ever since I started my teaching degree and not one school had most parents attending the PIBG meeting.   

So, are we really doing enough for our children?



zue~ said...

heyya sarah.. hahaha.. oooppsss.... i mean, ice.. hehe.. i like this post.. it's true about the fact that school sometimes cant do much about it.. it is true that ss cant take their slip if they dont pay the fees.. most of my ss cant pay.. i cant imagine what will happen when the spm results come out.. hoho..mesti cam serba salah klu dorg x bwk duit time tu.. i hope they work during this long hols.. huhu..

SarahDin said...

Ola Zue!! Haha...thanx for ur comment =)

Yeah, unfortunately, we don't have control over what's happening at school anyway...we're all doing what we can...the best we can...
Hope society would understand or at least take note of what's actually happening in school...
I hope your kids will be alright...and hope not much problem comes up when they come and take their slip!
All da best, Zue!!

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