ICT Room's Paint Job - Complete ^_^

Well..we finished doing the paint job a few weeks back...but I had problems with posting issues...had to go to KL-Putrajaya-Selangor etc....was really frustrated and bla..bla...bla...but life goes on...so...here's some pics on the new room (well..not really new...but u get the drill =P hehe...)

 So, here are the two wall colours side-by-side.

These pictures are of the left wall before and after (with back and front wall).

These pictures are of the right wall before and after (again..with back and front wall).

As you can see, we haven't really finished work at the ICT Room. Frankly, we're enjoying our holidays resting at home more than going to school..hehe...Well, what's left to do is rearrange the computers, tables and chairs and also format the 20+ PCs and install programmes and drivers.  For now, we'll just enjoy the break while we still can =)



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