The Day The ICT Room Turns Green =P

Oh boy...I left home around 6.50am today and just came reached home...its already 9.22pm!

Today, me and my sister started our paint work on the ICT room's is sooooo tiring...phew...We painted the front and back walls with Maxilite's Pinang Green and also Colorland Colorlite's Gift Yellow (which looks a bit more yellow-ish than Maxilite's Sunflower).  It's me and my sister's first time attempt to pick a paint colour for a particular room so we're both hoping for the best (okay...okay...we're both excited and nervous at the same time (^_^) hehe...).

So, here are some pics on our 1st day of wall painting (yes...we both had fun even though it was sooooooo whole body is aching!)

So, it started of with covering the edges of 'obstacles' on the wall (wouldn't wanna any of the school property to be vandalised by amature painters =P ).  We just covered the edges with masking tape and that sure took us F.O.R.E.V.E.R.!

Then, we painted the edges and corners of the walls, and also the edges of sockets and other objects.  Thought it would make it easier for us to paint with the roller later.

Our little helper already feeling tired (^_^)

We only had painted a small portion of the wall when we felt really tired (and I mean REALLY tired..phew!)

This is how our ICT Room looks like. It does look messy, I know.  Maybe I'll take a better looking room after we finish painting.  Btw, the square in the middle part of the wall is for the projector image.  We're still not sure whether we should make a border around it.  We thought that we shouldn't paint it green since it'll be difficult to look at what's being projected if it wasn't white.

Luv da newly painted wall...hope the students will feel happier when they enter the room (and I really hope they take good care of the room too!!)

Hmm....It does make a good background for taking photos, don't you think?hehe...

It was raining when we wanted to go home so I put my sweater on my cute lil niece and covered her head with her towel.  She reminds me of Alvin and The Chipmunks with that oversized sweater on her..hehe...

So, yeah....actually, the main reason we decided to paint the wall was because we thought the room looked uber dull.  We hope students would enjoy using and learning in the room and not feel so bored with just a white room.  We chose green and yellow based colour because it reminds us of nature (the trees and the sun and of course flowers! (^_^) ) People do say that nature can make people feel calm.

This is our first step to make the room more interesting and inviting.  Hope students next year will learn to appreciate the room and not think that the room is only good for Myspace (seriously...they know more about Myspace than they know bout what keys are on the keyboard!).  May next year students be more motivated to learn ICT skills!!Amiiinnnnn.......

P/s: Any ideas on how to make the room more cheerful?Feel free to contribute your ideas!!



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