First post for MY new year...hehe... has been a while...a long while actually since my last post.  I've been waiting for news on my posting since December and I've just got the result last week.  And I'll be posted to KEDAH!!

   I didn't post anything in my blog because I became so emotional about my posting.  It wasn't really because I was eager to start work, but because how I was treated by a few people who were working in the Ministry.  Unfortunately, there were more people who were unhelpful and rude rather than people who were helpful.  Me and my friends were told that the posting result will be out in December.  My friends who are going to teach primary school sure did get their posting in December but the secondary teachers seemed to face a problem.  I went to Putrajaya (Bahagian Sekolah Harian KPM) to talk to the people who were supposed to handle the posting process and they told me that the posting forms were missing! They even told me to wait till October 2011. Oh boy, was I panicking back then.  It wasn't only me who felt that way.  My other friends who were still waiting for their posting also started feeling disappointed with the whole posting issue.  But, I realised that if ministry says we have to wait, we just have to wait.  That's what made me feel so uneasy.
   I wished I was able to do something but there wasn't except to prepare for school in 2010 in any way I can.  Well, at least I'm doing something good and not just waiting for my posting result.  So, I just did some light reading on the new lit component and also brainstorm ideas on how to teach English to learners of different proficiency levels.  Owh, I also came across a group of new teachers who have started a website (after a while i realised they were my juniors back in college =) Good job people!!).  I'll promote their group in the next entry. Hehe...
   Hello, Kedah!! Here I come!!!! Hijau Kuning all the way!!

P/S: Yep...I'm very thankful to get Kedah even though I asked for another state.  I'll do my best in my new place.  I expect its gonna be difficult, but hope my love for the profession won't diminish!



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