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   At last, I have the energy (and mood) to add a few links on my blog.  I've already had it bookmarked for months, and I think it would be best to share them with everyone.  I've put the links into two groups which are:

  • Malaysian Sites - for sites created by Malaysian educators and based on the Malaysian education system.
  • International Sites - for site by educators who come from countries around the world
Here are some information on the links I've included:

"Schoolmatterstome is the site for the gathering of people who share the interest in matters related to school, students, teachers, teaching and learning process, also the classroom.
   This is also the center of information about education related matters and the place to share resources for teaching and learning in school. It is also a place for building up a community of people who are concern over the importance of creating a quality education for everyone.
    We’ll find a way to improve the Malaysian Eduacation! We’ll try to implant the mindset that “school really matters to me” in everyone’s head!"    - The School Matters To Me Team -

"This is a website created by Just English Sdn. Bhd. as an online resource to guide Malaysian secondary school students who are preparing for English Literature examinations in PMR and SPM"  - The Literature For Secondary Schools Team -

"We connect people with learning opportunities and creative ideas from the UK and aim to build lasting relationships across the world." -  British Council (Malaysia) Team -
~ the site contains information on courses held by British Council (mainly related to learning English for students and adults and also for teacher development); British Council also organises examinations like International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Cambridge International Exams, Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) and others; and of course, the site also includes information on studying in the UK.

"Te Kete Ipurangi [TKI] - the Online Learning Centre is New Zealand's bilingual education portal and is an initiative of the Ministry of Education.
   The Te Kete Ipurangi vision is to provide New Zealand schools with a cost effective electronic platform to communicate curriculum and administrative materials, enhance teaching and learning, raise student achievement and advance professional development for school management and teaching staff." - The TKI Team -

~this site offers materials to be used for Listening activities in the classroom.  The materials in the site are provided for free and maintained well by the site owner, Randall Davis.  However, its not available for download, but can be used online. Visit the site and see for yourself! Its a great one!

"...features tools and resources that save educators time and make learning fun for students in grades Pre-K--12. With over 20,000 resources, the site includes a vast online library of lesson plans, graphic organizers, printables, classroom management advice, email newsletters, quizzes, and printable books to help teachers enhance student learning, meet local and national educational goals, and manage their teaching lives and classrooms with ease. TeacherVision understands how valuable time is for teachers and highlights timely and relevant cross-curricular content for each subject, grade, and theme; making it simple for teachers to create a study unit that is inclusive and varied." - The Teacher Vision Team -

"HotChalk is a learning environment for K-12 teachers, students and parents that includes a learning management system (LMS), a rich library of teacher-contributed lesson plans, premium digital content, and professional development for teachers in a Web-based environment. Available through any Internet browser, the HotChalk Learning Environment is an easy to use system and brings teachers, students and parents together to improve education." - The Hotchalk Team -
~ I came across this website thanks to the School Matters To Me blog.



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